Identity concept, art direction and design
Friðrik Steinn Friðriksson
Laufey Jónsdóttir

The identity of DesignMarch 2014 explores the power and interaction that is design, as well as the festival itself. The interaction between disciplines, the dialogue between the creator and the viewer.

The identity plays with the interaction and integration of colors and forms. We worked with “thaumatrope”, a medium that creates the illusion that two pictures merge into one through motion, but also with seeing through layers that converge.

The identity of DesignMarch is a flower in blossom that represents DesignMarch as the embodiment of spring, new beginnings, a start to a new design year.

DesignMarch blooms as Reykjavík starts to shed it´s winter coat and the flowers bloom in a cold white room powered by a cityscape of deconstructed machines. With their outer shell removed, what remains is the core which powers the merging of the flowers colours and forms.

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Book and poster design
Ármann Agnarsson
Jónas Valtýsson
Darri Úlfsson

Graphic design adviser for Identity
Arnar Freyr Guðmundsson

Photography, cinematography and video editing
Hrafn Jónsson

Music and sound
Kristinn Evertsson

Photo processing
Jón Ingiberg Jónsteinsson